Pusad Urban Bank
Sr.No. Particulars Service Charges
Saving A/c
1 Saving Account Cheque Book Facility Minimum balance Rs.1000/-
2 If not maintained minimum balance Rs.100/- (per six Months)
3 Saving Account (without cheque book) Minimum balance Rs.500/-
4 If not maintained minimum balance Rs.50/- (per six Months)
5 Duplicate pass book issue   Rs. 50/-+ per transaction entry Rs.1/-
6 Cheque Issue Rs.3/- Per page
  Current A/c  
1 Co-op Credit Sty & other Sty. Minimum balance Rs.5000/-
2 All other Current Account Minimum balance Rs.2000/-
3 If not maintained minimum balance Rs.100/- (per six Months)
4 Duplicate pass book issue & A/C Statement Rs.50/- +Rs.1/- per transaction entry
5 Cheque Issue Rs.2/- Per page
  D.D. Issue  
2 UP TO RS.1000 3/-
3 RS.1001 TO RS.3000 4/-
4 RS.3001 TO RS.5000 5/-
5 RS.5001 TO RS.10000 6/-
1 UP TO RS.1000 4/-
2 RS.1001 TO RS.3000 6/-
3 RS.3001 TO RS.5000 9/-
4 RS.5001 TO RS.10000 12/-
A D.D. Canceled Rs.50/- Per D.D
B Duplicate D.D. Rs.100/- Per D.D
C D.D. renewal (After Expiry) Rs.25/- Per D.D.
  Pay Order & Bankers Cheque Charges as per D.D.
  T.T. Charges as per D.D.
A up to Rs.5 lacs Rs.28/-
B Above Rs.5 Lacs Rs.55/-
  NEFT Rs.50/-
  Cheque collection charges  
A Out station cheque on our br. & through our Br.  
1 Up to Rs.5000/- Rs.25/-
2 Above 5000/- to Rs.10000/- Rs.50/-
3 Above Rs.10000/- to Rs.100000/- Rs.100/-
4 Above Rs.100000/- Rs.100 + 0.20 paise per Thousand
B Out station ch. Collection through other bank & our Br. Charges as above + other bank charges
  Cheque Return charges Rs.100/-
  Cheque Stop Payment Charges Rs.100/-
  Bank Guaranty   
A 100% FDR  Rs.100/- + Rs.1.50 per thousand
B 50% FDR & 50% Mortgage Rs.200/- + Rs.3.00 per thousand
C Bank Guaranty renewal As above
  Solvancy Certificate  
A Up to Rs.5.00 Lacs Rs.1000/-
B Above Rs.5.00 Lacs Rs.5000/-
  Account clossing charges  
A If account closed within 6 Months from opening date Rs.100/-
B If account closed after 6 months to 12 months Rs.50/-
C If account closed after completation of 12 months Rs.25/-
  Inoperative account  
A If minimum balance as per rules  Nil
B If minimum balance is not as per rules Rs.75/- per Year
C If the last Balance is Rs.75/-, Account should be closed and inform to the account holder closed the account as per last Balance
  Housing loan Interest Certificate  
A Original Certificate Nil
B Duplicate certificate Rs.50/- per certificate
  Signature Verification Certificate Rs.100/- per signature certification
  No Due Certificate  
A Bachat Gut ( Men & Women) Nil
B Govt. recognized Nil
C Small farmar ( 5 acres) Rs.25/-
D other  Rs.100/-
  Loan processing Charges 1% on Loan Amount
  Loaker Rent  
A Small Locker Rs.500/- Per year
B Medium Locker Rs.1000/- Per year
C Big Locker Rs.1500/- Per year
D Security Deposit/Fixed Deposi Rs.10000/-
E If lost the locker key, issue new key & lock change Service charges as per company bill + Rs.200/-
    Handaling charges
  If FDR closed before Maturity 1% less than regular Rate
  Renewal of FDR after maturity  
A Renewal within 14 days Interest will be given after maturity date 
B Renewal after 14 days After maturity interest will be given as per Saving
    deposit rate
C If renewal demanded by nominee of Dead A/C Holder Interest will be given from the maturity date up to 
    Payment date
  Notices to Loan holders/NPA A/C Holders  
A Simple Notice by post 1) Loan A/C holder Rs100/-+Postage
    2) Per Guarantor Rs150/-+Postage
    3) As per above the charges will be debited to the 
    Loan A/C
B Notice by registered AD 1) Loan A/C holder Rs200/-+Postage
    2) Per Guarantor Rs100/-
    3) As per above the charges will be debited to the 
    Loan A/C
  Commission on SSS deposit Scheme  
A If account closed before maturity 4% Charges
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