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Core Banking
PUSAD URBAN CO-OP BANK LTD., PUSAD will provide Core Banking service of our all branches very soon.

It is the heart of a modern financial service organization and is all about providing the banking customers with the right products at the right time through the right channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a multi location, multi branch network. Advantages: The CBS process is advantageous both to the customers and the banks in the following manner:

  • Transaction of business from any branch, ATM that offers him anytime anywhere banking facility.
  • Lower incidence of errors. Hence accuracy in transactions.
  • Better funds management due to immediate availability of funds.
  • Standardization of process within the bank.
  • Better customer service leading to retention of customer and increased customer traffic.
  • Availability of accurate data & Better use of available infrastructure
  • Better MIS and reporting to external agencies such as Govt., RBI etc.
  • Increased business volume with better asset liability management and risk management.
Following are the advantages of Core Banking:
  • Limited Professional Manpower to be utilized more effectively
  • Customer can have anywhere, more convenient and easier banking
  • ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Payment Gateways, Referral Business
  • More Strong and economical way for MIS
  • Reduction in Branch Manpower by 15-20%
  • Additional Manpower available for Marketing, Recovery and Personalized banking
  • Instant Information availability for decision support
  • Quick and Accurate Implementation of Policies
  • Improved Recovery Process causing reduction on recovery costs, NPA Provisions
  • Innovative, redefined or improved processes (e.g. Inter Branch Reconciliation) causing reduction in Manpower at Head Office Reduction in Software maintenance at Branch and Head Office
  • Centralized Printing and Backup resulting in reduction in capital and revenue expenditure on printing and backup devices and media at branches
  • Electronic Transactions with Other Financial Institutions
  • Increased Speed in working resulting in more business opportunities and reduction in penalties, legal expenses etc
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