Pusad Urban Bank
Q1 What’s the facility for making drafts from your bank?
Ans. the drafts drawn from our banks are valid throughout India. Moreover we have minimum exchange rates and the time required for the work is also minimal.
Q2 Is your bank open on Sunday?
Ans. Only the Pusad (main branch) remains open on Sunday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.
Q3 What about the locker facility?
Ans. Locker facility is available in all the branches.
Q4 Where I can make complain of the employee, if required?
Ans. You can make immediate complain in a hierarchical manner. For employees of the branch talk to branch manager, for branch manager talk to the manager of head office and if yet the problem is not solved you can talk to the CEO or the Chairman. We will surely remove the grievances if any.
Q5 What is the future plan of your bank?
Ans. Our bank will very soon open new branches in Washim, Amravati, Wardha, Chandrapur, Hingoli and Nanded district
Q6 What is the extra assistance that your bank provides apart from banking?
Ans. We provide various ideas for the future aspects of your life.
Q7 Do you provide loan against security?
Ans. Yes, we do. Talk to our branch manager for more details.
Q.8 What are the additional facilities to the shareholders?
Ans. Yes, the shareholders will get an accidental insurance coverage up to Rs. 1, 00,000/- . Moreover no TDS is charged for them.
Q.9 What are the facilities for ladies, handicapped persons and senior citizens?
Ans. We do give an additional 0.50% of interest to such privileged people on any sort of deposits.
Q.10 Is telebanking facility available in your bank?
Ans. The pusad (main branch) is having 24X7 telebanking facility.
Q.11 What about the Teller Counter facility?
Ans. Right now this facility is provided in Pusad and Wani branch. If you are an account holder you can get an immediate loan up to rs.5, 000/-.
Q.12 What about any branch banking facility?
Ans. Yes, we do provide this facility.
Q.13 Any other special facility?
Ans. Yes, we provide a reduction of 1% on the loan rate if the loan holder pays the installment at regular interval. This is considered at the end of financial year.
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