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SMS Banking
PUSAD URBAN CO-OP BANK LTD., PUSAD has started SMS Banking now.SMS Banking application which is very much beneficial for the banks and their customers, SMS Banking facility can be given to the customer beyond Transaction hour's or on holiday also.

Followings services are given through the SMS Banking software.
  • Current Balance in an Account.
  • Last Five Transactions on the account.
  • Today's Debit and Credit information
  • Overdue alert to the Borrower.
  • CC Renewal Intimation.
  • Thanks for A/c opening.
  • Thanks for Loan Repayment for Overdue A/c's
  • FDR maturity date information.
  • EMI date remember
  • New Deposit Scheme information
  • Inward & Outward Clearing Information
  • Inward & Outward Clearing Return Information
For first three services customer has to give the request to us and considering the request given by customer, Our system will automatically send a SMS to the customer's Mobile,

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